The quick and easy half day will give you a good taste of adventure with a bucket load of fun. With a fraction of the physical exertion of the full day trip you'll take to the tea coloured waters of the upper Storms River. We spend 1-2 fun filled hours pool paddling and rock jumping along the safest and widest section of the river.

The quick and easy half-day trip will give you a good taste of the tubing adventure. It delivers a bucket load of fun with only a fraction of the physical exertion of the full day trip as you take to the tea colored waters of the upper Storms River.

Here the indigenous Tsitsikamma forests cascade down to river edge and sighting of birds such as Half Collard, Pied- and Giant Kingfishers, Fish Eagles and Knysna Loeries are common place.

The experience is entails 2 fun-filled hours of mild activity in exquisite Tsitsikamma scenery.

Most (90%) of our trips are conducted on medium-low to low water and the trip entails pool paddling, bouldering and short walks, tube jumps, swimming, and optional rock jumps up to 6m in height. (short pour over and shoot rapids are water level dependent)

Here access through the stunning forest is possible from both sides of the river and we have set up operations to allow plenty distance to exit in safety before the confluence of the Witteklip river and the entrance to the 'Narrow Gorge'.

It is therefore suitable for folks with an average fitness level. The half day trip is conducted on the upper section of the Storms River in the Plaatbos Nature Reserve where the river is at its widest and safest.
Our access to the Storms River takes you on an exquisite journey though pristine forest. The Plaatbos Nature Reserve (proclaimed in 1964)  covers approximately 20,000ha of Afromountain forest and Fynbos areas